Supply Wrap Up

As the saying goes “Time flies when your making Beer”. This was true for me and the 9 weeks in Atlanta/Cartersville, GA. I learned more about how to make and package beer than I thought I would ever know (even how to taste beer). Thanks to Rob Haas and his team in Cartersville who did an awesome job teaching and hosting Nancy, Riley  and I.

The three of us were able to learn everything from how to brew beer, to how to create steam in the powerhouse that cooks the beer. One of the highlights for me was working on a project that was given to my by my packaging managers, surrounding the glue that we put on certain packages. I was able to run tests and follow some of the test beer all the way to the wholesalers in Fletcher, NC and Greenville, SC. I was able to meet some of the owners of the wholesalers and get an in-depth look into their operations.

My visit to Greenville, SC

In the end, on my last day in Cartersville I presented to the Senior Management Team of the Brewery. I showed them the results of the tests that I ran and gave them my opinion on what should be done to correct the problems we were having. When I read my emails the next day (from Saint Louis) I found out that they implemented my recommendations and it is planned to save Cartersville $30,000.00 annually.

Another thing that happened on our last day at the Brewery (which I think was even cooler than them using my idea) was, we made the World Series Champion Aluminum Budweiser bottles.

World Champ Bottles that we made in Cartersville

 I thought it was pretty cool that I helped make the Budweiser that Tim Lincecum celebrated with in the locker room after he won the World Series. (We also made Rangers bottles but I can’t show you what they looked like as that could end my career).

Some other highlights of my first stint in Georgia included the last weekend when Nancy was able to get our Assistant Brewmaster Sean, Logistics Manager Rich, her and I out on TPC Sugarloaf to whack it around a little. (Below) It was pretty cool to play a course that Tiger Woods has the record low score at (I did not come too close to it, couple more rounds and I will be there).

L to R... Rich, Nancy, Sean, Sweet Lou

Since Veterans Day just passed, I would like to thank my friends and family in the Armed Forces (Kevin Dewey & Eric Olsson) with this Budweiser tribute below…

Budweiser Family of Beers for the Veterans

All said, I had a great time working in Cartersville, helping make the Great American Lager for all to enjoy (I dare you to try to enjoy more of it than I do). Next up is off to St. Louis to meet the Board of Directors (my blogs are a little out-of-order, but you are smart enough to figure it out) and start our Sales & Marketing training. Congrats to Joe Pa on #400 and Thanks again to the staff at Cartersville (my roots at ABI are forever in GA). Talk to you soon Chuckleheads.




One Response to Supply Wrap Up

  1. Bill Earley says:

    Hey Steve…..Auntie here. Wow, you alone saved the company $30,000 dollars a year!! I always knew you were smart but now AB knows it too. That is awesome! I think you are incredible! Knowing what a good time you had in Cartersville, because both you and Nancy told me yourselves, I can only wish you as much fun and learning back in St. Louis. AB is lucky to have you. XXXOOO

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