Kick Started by @JDWhittington, @WSJ, @MaximMag & #Klout

I know I have been slacking lately and writing a new blog has been on my To Do list for a month and a half. But with a push from different social networks, from a few different directions, I have gotten back into the game (we will see how long it lasts).

So you are probably thinking to yourself… “Self, what is Sweet Lou talking about with his dumb title to this most recent post? He must not have enough stuff to do at work. Why doesn’t he just put up some cool pictures and leave the writing to the people who know how to spell?” And my answer to this would be… I’ve got nothing. But I do have some interesting things to talk about (to me at least). And since the  2011 GMT class is already picked, I didn’t think anyone would mind if I strayed…

So… the title. Well @JDWhittington is a co-GMT/Blogger/Tweeter (you can follow me @stevethu) / Yammerer/ FacebookDotComer (He is doing his four-month GMT project on social networking), @WSJ is the Wall Street Journal who wrote an article last week about social networking and how companies are using social networks to identify people who have large “reach” as “influencers”, giving them free stuff so that they will talk about their awesome experiences/goods, #Klout is a company called Klout who scores people based on their social networking “reach” and  @MaximMag is Maxim Magazine who recently I recently won a contest with “Maxim’s Big Game Party Sweepstakes” (they must think I am an influencer).

So it got  me thinking… Am I an influencer? Or do I just have really good taste and blue eyes??? Or maybe it is just that I am lucky? I mean one guy (who won’t be named) steals my name, then my Celebration, and then makes his own commercial after mine…

Maybe Maxim was right. All the social networking got me to thinking… maybe I should see a movie called The Social Network, and see what Mark Zuckerberg was thinking. So I went to WalMart’s Red Box and pulled out my smart phone and searched on the inter-web for promo codes (because come on, there is no way I am paying $1 for a movie all about something that is free), and I sat down and watched it (not bad). It made me think about doing some other kind of social networking (Yammer), so I then hopped on my laptop and sent out a Yammer video to all of my colleagues (which I may or may not have been told to take down).

So the point here is… That company’s are looking for “Influencers” who are going to be, in a sense, free marketers for them though their “reach”, and we all know the most influential type of marketing is word of mouth. They want just enough to get their product to its “Tipping Point” and then their job is done.  

How does one become an influencer? Technology. Social networking. The Inter-web. Well at least until the next fad comes around…

Check out this month’s Forbes magazine for more on the next Facebook dot com  .

Until next time Chuckleheads.