You can No longer Find Me in Saint Louie

As the title of this blog states, my time in Saint Louis has quickly come to a close and I am now once again in Hot-Lanta, home of the peach and the chicken sandwich. It is time to start the field Sales & Marketing training down here in Region 3. First though, let me recap the last two weeks in Sweet Saint Louie, home of the Great American Lager and the Billikin.


It started with the awesomeness of being able to meet with the Board…

All the GMTs, Board of Directors, some ManCom members and the four new MBA hires

I have proof that I really did meet the big dogs. That is a pretty wicked sweet picture. The Eagle, Flags, and most of all the Bad Asses underneath them. I choose to wear yellow because of a piece of advice I received from my friend Chris when we were in middle school (he taught me how to play baseball and Basketball). He told me that when ever I go to a tryout and they tell me to wear a certain color, to wear the exact opposite. His philosophy was that  the evaluators would watch you more than others just because their eyes keep focusing on your non-homogenous color. Since getting people’s attention is half the battle, I took his advice from that day on and it has worked for me since (he was a Gold Glove winner in College so I guess it is working for both of us).

The next two weeks were filled with Trade Marketing, Wholesaler Development, Sports & Entertainment Marketing (didn’t seem like too bad of a gig), National Retail Sales and Space Management. All of these things I like to think of as psychology, trying to figure out what the consumer wants and giving it to them without them knowing that we are there. 

There were some cool parts to all of this learning. On the Wednesday before Veterans Day, we went into the market (about an hour outside of Saint Louis) and visited retail accounts with a Sales Rep from the area’s wholesaler and a Trade Marketing person from ABI. I was lucky enough to go around with the VP of sales @ Krey Distributing who taught Amanda, Andrew and I a ton about how to sell off-premise (where you cannot consumer the beer you bought) and on-premise (where you can drink you beer where you bought it).

The other cool thing that we did on our last day was we visited GROUP360, one of the Ad Agency’s that we employ to do some of the creative work for our brands. We went to their office in downtown Saint Louis and met with their creative folks as they showed us how they support the “mother ship“. They were having a chilli cook-off while we were there and they let us sample it too. It was a totally different atmosphere there. They had dogs bombing around and their dress code was even more lax than ours. They were building a new office space in the building next door and they put in a pool on the roof of the building…

The Pool on the top of Group360's office

Inside on the roof-top lounge @ Group360

Outside of work a bunch of us were able to go to the Saint Louis regional finals for Band of Buds (The winner won a trip to Vegas and a chance to compete for $100K). It was cool seeing Budweiser plastered all over the bar (free beers too… A common trend I have been seeing).

The Guys @ Band of Buds (Sweet shirt ABux... Europe called they want it back)

While living on the Mississippi, I was also able to hang out with the Big Guy, my mentor James. He took Riley, Christina and I to a couple of Blues games and he took Abux and I golfing to celebrate Veterans Day (it was 78 degrees, awesome day). I guess I like this Job???

@ the Blues game... What do you want, complimentary everything?

Well I had better get some rest as tomorrow we start our Field Commercial Training in Atlanta and have to fly to Tampa tomorrow night for some meetings Tuesday. I quote a wise man, Lloyd Christmas, “Some people just weren’t cut out for life on the road”, HA, I think I will manage. Talk to you soon Chuckleheads.

Cool Spread @ the office

Great tap spread at the Chase Park Plaza (where I lay my head in STL)